Food Storage Lessons We Learned from World War II

World war II was one of the worst world wars, but it definitely helped us learn some cool things. While new innovations came forth, food storage was something that was really important that came from this. You should definitely consider this, since they had food storage before food storage was cool.

What are some of these lessons though? Well, first you want to read on to find out, and from there, if these lessons fit you, then you should consider implementing them.

The first, is too much is never actually a thing. You’d be surprised that you can go through a 100-pound sack of flour and sugar, but you sure can, especially if you’re canning. If there is ever a war, you can pretty much anything from meat, fish, and even fruit, and you will never run out. But, do remember that you can never have too much of the right kinds of foods, so if you want to really make this last, get those which last a long time.

The next lesson is build it up now, not after the rationing stars. When the war began and rationing was started, many people will realize they are about to be caught with their pants down because they don’t have enough food. A lot of people don’t realize how much they’re missing on if they start this too late, and you should always consider rationing as early as you can.

The next lesson, is don’t advertise how much you have. This is something that comes from the “fairness” concept, where some people will have more, and some have less. People thought that it was unfair, and many times, food would be stolen or confiscated. In the event of a war, or a food shortage, you never know how much you might lose, so you should always consider holding off on telling others how much you have, and if you want to help others, go for it.

Another lesson is spend what you need to on food, but then from there, spend what you don’t on food on other items. A lot of times, if you don’t spend it on that, you can buy other valuables, which will help others get through a hard time. You never know, maybe saving a little and getting shoes with your ration cards could make a difference.

Finally, don’t be afraid of learning how to store the food that you need to use. This is very important, especially since, if you don’t know how to do it, you won’t get it right. A lot of people think they know how to store food, or maybe they know how to store one type of food, but the thing is, if you don’t do it correctly, weevils will get into these, along with other nasty little critters, and you should definitely consider how to do this, and make sure you know how to do it. The last way to learn this concept is to do it when things are bad, but instead, learn to do it early on to help you.

World war II taught us a lot of lessons. It taught us lessons involving how to treat others, the art of war, and how bad people can be, and the power of blind allegiance. But it also taught us some more positive things as well, such as food storage, how you can use it, and some of the benefits of learning this. You’ll be able to, with this, make I possible for you to have lots of food for a while.