Why You gotta Think of Nutrition during Emergency Prep

When you start to get long-term food storage in place, you need to focus on both varieties, but also nutrition.

Nutrition is a very important matter, but we oftentimes don’t think about the importance of a diet that’s varied. What we think about is also how the nutrition and variety go to gather, and when you do that, it definitely will help with keeping your plate nice and varied.

There is a reason why you should have a rainbow diet, and while variety is the spice of life, it also is very important to consider the nutritional content of this too. A lot of college kids know the struggle of living only on cup noodles, chips, and apple juice. A diet that’s not varied gets very boring, and many people struggle with this. Along with it not being varied, it’s also not very nutritious. Take a moment to look at the different foods in a college kid’s diet. Are they actually good for them?

Chances are, that’s not the case.

Nutrition is important to look at, and it’s more than just not eating bad food all the time, but it’s more than that. it’s eating all the things that you need to prevent nutrient deficiency, and when you’re ‘preparing for survival circumstances, nutrition is just as important as all else.

Diets that are boring aren’t good for your own personal morale, but it’s also not good for your health.

Eating a repetitive narrow range of foods puts you at risk for varying nutrient deficiencies, and oftentimes, it’s dependent on what nutrients aren’t pleasant in your diet. All of the unpleasant deficiencies are bad for you, and if it’s left unchecked, it results in death and other health concerns.

Vitamin D deficiency is one of the most common ones, and it’s scurvy. There is also beriberi, which is a lack of thiamine, and there is also pellagra which is a lack of niacin. There are other ones that are a part of salvation in a general sense. But, lots of people will have these happen even when they have filling meals.

We take nutrition for granted, especially in our day and age. The body is made up of some amino acids that are put together in various ways. Most of these we can make on our own, but a few come from the foods that we have to eat. Eggs, bread, milk, veggies, and meat are all examples of this, because that’s all there.

There are very few people who develop this in our modern society, but let’s look at the point of, what if everything shuts down? What if things go south suddenly, and now we’re all scrambling for food. But the thing is, people also get this from enrichment too, especially if it’s not enriched with the right items. If one day the grocery store just stopped selling foods, could you survive?

That’s a question most of us aren’t sure of.

While it can be hard, you need to look at the different storage options for long-term storage foods. Food companies will help you do this easily these days, and you can pretty much get all of your nutritional foods stored up in this way. You should order survival food, and many times getting the freeze, dried foods are good. While they might be a luxury for some, they are valuable for not just your own personal survival, but also to curb those nutrient deficiencies that you may see in your body when things go south.